Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Guest Post: Elisa Freilich

Silent Echo comes out September 10th from Diversion Books. It isn't your usual fantasy novel. It has sirens, music, prophecies, and of course, romance!
Elisa has come to the blog for a bit of a Q&A.
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1. Describe your book in 5 words: Modernizing mythology through music & romance.  ( does the ampersand count as a word?  Ooops)
2. What surprised you the most as you were writing SILENT ECHO? How many of my metaphors seem to veer towards the food-related (i.e. "his voice was a block of milk chocolate wrapped in sandpaper")  I guess I'm also a die-hard foodie.
3. Are you a plotter or a panster? Do you plot your book or fly by the seat of your pants? I fly on a magic carpet woven loosely of plot driven threads.  I've got a vague idea where I'm headed but once in flight, it really solidifies.
4. Do you have any kind of writing rituals? I need silence or else white noise, a constant din.  I can't have music or a tv on - way too distracting. 
5. Who would you cast in a movie version of your book for Portia, Felix and Max? Young unknowns who resemble Mila Kunis, Ashton Kutcher and Rob Pattinson (in order as asked)
6. As a lover of mythology, what's your fave myth? I love the story of the Six Headed Scylla.  There are several explanations for how she came to have six heads and for Silent Echo's sequel, I have expounded and expanded on my favorite one.  (Scylla is an integral part of the next installment of my trilogy.)
7. Lightnight round:
Fave food - Truffle fries (ok, or any fries)
Fave book - Special Topics in Calamity Physics (most recently, that is)
Fave song - Closer to Fine by Indigo Girls
Fave vacation - Laguna Beach, CA w/my hubby (or pretty much anywhere w/my hubby)
Fave color - brown (chocolate, mocha - there's that food thing again...)
Beach or mountains - Pool with a view of the beach
Soda or Pop - soda
Coke or Pepsi - Coke (diet, of course)
Can't live without - Air conditioning
Can live without - bees ( even if it meant sacrificing honey - they terrify me)
Fave person -  Mark Darcy (can a fictitious character count?)
Person you want to meet most dead or alive - Marcus Mumford (His genius blows my mind)
Person you admire most - My husband - he wears his own skin with unyielding confidence and comfort
If you could be anyone, who? George RR Martin - can you imagine what must go on in that guy's head?!

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There is also a sneak peak on her Tumblr, that you should check out. 

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