Thursday, May 9, 2013

The Originals by Cat Patrick

Source: ALA
A riveting new story from Cat Patrick, author of Forgotten and Revived.
17-year-olds Lizzie, Ella, and Betsey Best grew up as identical triplets... until they discovered a shocking family secret. They're actually closer than sisters, they're clones. Hiding from a government agency that would expose them, the Best family appears to consist of a single mother with one daughter named Elizabeth. Lizzie, Ella, and Betsey take turns going to school, attending social engagements, and a group mindset has always been a de facto part of life...
Then Lizzie meets Sean Kelly, a guy who seems to see into her very soul. As their relationship develops, Lizzie realizes that she's not a carbon copy of her sisters; she's an individual with unique dreams and desires, and digging deeper into her background, Lizzie begins to dismantle the delicate balance of an unusual family that only science could have created.

Cat Patrick knows how to blend Science Fiction with contemporary, which makes a very fun and creative story. I have enjoyed her past two books and was very excited for this one due to the concept. I didn't know what to expect when I heard about this story, but I found Lizzie, Ella, and Betsey, which isn't what I expect when I heard about a book with clones in it. I really thought that they would blend together, but they were so distinct and alive. Sean was a very caring character that I loved instantly. The mom seems like the bad character, but I believe that her intentions were really from caring about them. 
This book is really easy to engage with and I just kept on wanting to read more and more of this book. The plot goes very fast and I read it in about a day. There are a few plot twist and they weren't extremely predictable, but Patrick inserts small hints of possible out comes. I found this book to be extremely unique and unlike anything that I have read. Patrick's writing is amazing and makes the reader want more, while feeling satisfied with the end. I can't wait to see what she writes next. I recommend this book to fans of her previous books and fans of both contemporary and sci-fi. This book had dynamic characters and a fast paced plot that felt original, with a great voice and awesome writing.


  1. I'm usually not a huge fan of Sci-Fi, though this sounds riveting! The simplicity of the idea (what if triplets are actually clones?) is astoundingly titillating to me, and a mark of a good writer. The fact that it's dynamic and engaging is another plus. Definitely adding it to my TBR!


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