Friday, January 28, 2011

Friday Five

1. E4 Skins premiered yesterday and it was amazing. I need to start resisting watching MTV Skins, because it makes me pissed up.
Also, Why did I watch Mean Girls 2? It was so horrible and cheesy. Sucky sequels just make me made. Here is the trailer...

2. No more ratings in review, tell me if you like it or not?
3. I am trying to decide what books to buy for an Amazon order. Any suggestions?
4. I got accepted into the Rheumatology Clinic at University of Washington, because my illness is interesting enough. Sort of bad, but good too.
5. I am on diet plan and it is going to work this time! I am determined. I am using and it is working well so far. My username is sarahbear119, btw.


  1. 1. Jeepers, you watched Skins?! I heard that it was some bad juju--over-exposing and sexualising kids, something that I strongly oppose. I haven't seen it (and obviously don't intend to), but I think it looks creepy.
    And don't feel bad about having fallen prey to the dreaded Made For TV Sequel. It wasn't a sequel, but I watched that MTV Sweet 16 horror movie last year. It was awful, yet hilarious without meaning to be. But mostly awful. XD

    2. No ratings might be cool. It will give you the opportunity to voice your thoughts on a book without lessening it's value by making it into just a number. I think it might give your readers a chance to take your oppinion into consideration while not simply writing off a book if it gets a low rating. Or even buying a book that might not be for them simply because it got a high rating! Sounds like a cool idea, actually.

    3. I would suggest... Hmm. Well, here's a link to the Top 15 books I read in 2010. Let me if that helps!

    4. Hope that the Rheumatology Clinic works out for the best! One of my family members has a unique medical history, so I know what you mean about being "interesting enough". My family prays for you, BTW; that you'll be healthy and happy, because we know what it's like. ♥

    5. And lastly, good luck with the new diet plan! I know of a lady who went on one of those ones where you have to count carbs or points or something, and she firgured out that she could have one regular M&M a day. I hope your diet allows for more chocolate than that, though, especially sense it's almost St. Valentine's Day! :)

  2. BTW, #9 on the Top 15 list is all due to you! You turned me on to that series through a review and giveaway, and I thank you most profusely as it is now one of my favorites.

  3. Check out Patricia Selbert's debut novel, The House of Six Doors. Available on Amazon.


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