Monday, September 27, 2010

Whisper by Phoebe Kitanidis

Characters: 17/20
Plot: 17/20
Originality: 18/20
Writing: 17/20
Recommendation: 17/20
Overall: 86/100 or B
Source: Bought
I’d love a cup of coffee. I wish she knew how pretty she was. I wish I could drop this kid in the dryer sometimes. I just want her to be happy. I hope she didn’t find out what Ben said about her. I wish I knew how many calories were in a bite of muffin…
Joy is used to hearing Whispers. She’s used to walking down the street and instantly knowing people’s deepest, darkest desires. She uses this talent for good, to make people happy and give them what they want. But for her older sister, Jessica, the family gift is a curse, and she uses it to make people’s lives—especially Joy’s—miserable. Still, when Joy Hears a frightening whisper from Jessica's own mind, she knows she has to save her sister, even if it means deserting her friends, stealing a car and running away with a boy she barely knows—a boy who may have a dark secret of his own.
Joy was very positive, which balanced with Jessica's very negative point of view most of the time. I liked that part of the book. It made it more interesting, because most sisters are really different. I didn't like how the narrative was more focused on Joy's world collapsing and less on Jessica. I also adored Jamie, he seemed like such a minor character, but he turned out to be amazing. The plot of this book was rather engaging. I found the idea of hearing another person desires to be both astounding and almost a curse. I enjoyed that Kitandis put this ideal forth in her characters. I was surprised about most of the twist and turns in the book. I found that this book was full of originality. I loved that it was a paranormal book, that was still realistic. Kitandis created a stunning debut. I am excited for what will come from her next and hope that it as easy as to relate to and just as engaging. I think that you would enjoy Whisper, if you want a unique and interesting book.

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  1. Whisper is one of my favorite, and I am SO glad you liked it! Thank you!


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