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Recently, I was reading this fabulous book that shall be left unnamed, because I am about to spoil it. Anyways, I could relate to the main character. She had been sick for a long time and has mostly recovered. The whole time, I was like I totally get what she is talking about. Her fear that she will get sick again, how she has a strong relationship with her siblings and her mom, and the fact that she feels like her friends treat her differently then she remembered, because she is now the Sick Girl.
So, she is finally finding someone that gets the illness and still loves her, despite that. They are having a fabulous time... Then she suddenly dies. This has happened in a few other books that I love that shall also remain nameless. Anyways, the real reason of this rant is where are the optimistic sick main character books, where the character doesn't die and lives to be old and happy. Heck, I would settle for them living past the end of the book.
When I was really sick, I had some odd obsession on finding books where the main character was sick, because that was the reality when I was sick. I know what the medical jargon means, before the main character explains it. Like the book I just finished, the main characters all died. I am not saving that isn't a reality, but most people survive.
Where are the uplifting books about illnesses? Optimism is so important when you are sick, but it seem like that aspect is ignored when the Main Character is the one that is sick. When it is a family member, parent, or friend, they survive. So, why can't a main character live and be happy?
I know that as the sick girl that survived, I feel extremely lucky and blessed, because I beat the odds. I just don't understand why their aren't literary main character that haven't survived and it isn't the best reassurance when you are as big of a reader as I am. And the sick main character just keeps dying. I think the moment that I will remember the most is, when I was reading this book, after being told that I was relapsing and the main character dies. I cried for two whole days, because I was sure that was going to happen to me(I am very irrational, when I am sick.) My challenge for you is to demand books where the sick girl or boy lives, beyond odds and if you write, write one.
Sorry for the rant, but it had to be done...


  1. I'm sorry you found a book you can relate to....but then you can't because you're obviously running strong and don't want to think about dying. I completely agree with you on why can't they write a happy ending for the sick one. :(

    Great big hugs to you girly. I hope you feel better soon. I try to stay away from depressing books as best as I can. Hence, all the fantasy/paranormal books I read. Real life is usually not as easy to disconnect from when it's a contemporary book.

  2. Oh, I hate that! I'm sorry you've had such bad luck in finding a sick character book where they live to tell the tale. If I ever come across one I'll tell you right away.
    I hope yu feel better soon, Sarah! ♥

  3. Sarah, I think you should write one! It doesn't have to be based on *your* story. But obviously since it's something of which you have personal experience and feel strongly about, you can really bring some passion to it!

  4. My Sisters Keeper? Someone dies but its not the sick girl so...maybe you'd dig it? lol.

  5. This was a great post! I'm so glad that you are happy and healthy now! Have you read Going Too Far by Jennifer Echols? The plot is not exactly "sick girl" through out the story, but it is about a survivor. I don't want to give anything away in case you haven't read it yet! And I agree wholeheartedly with Mindi, I'm sure you could write a beautiful story!

  6. Great idea and I totally agree. Aren't you a writer? Maybe you can fill that void, necessity is the mother of invention after all. Hugs and take care :)

  7. Awww..that stinks, but the post was good! Was it a Lurlene McDaniel book by any chance? I used to read those all the time when I was younger, and I was always bawling by the end because they seemed to NEVER have happy endings...

  8. Lurlene McDaniel has one sick character that lives, but I also hated her with a passion. I love Going Too Far, I have been in a severe car accident when I was little, so I could relate to that. My Sister's Keeper is great, but sadly not relatable to me.
    Mindi, Stacy, and Amy, I am working on it...


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