Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Here is the New Moon poster.
Personally, it is really pretty in a spooky way. I like they showed the triangle that is forming. The mist in the forest is kind of not realistic. Forks is at a lower altitude then where I live in Washington and we rarely get fog. The sun peeking out is a nice effect. A few of the trees are not that healthy looking. So, they would have to be really deep in the forest. Bella(Kristin) looks kind of stoned in it, but I think that it could be a numb look. I do like the look of loathing between Edward(Rob) and Jacob(Taylor). I like Taylor's hair more in this movie. In Twilight, he looked like a girl. Overall, it is pretty great and pretty much what I wanted.
Beth told me that she wants to get it already. So, it is reaching to the younger teen audience.
So, what do you think of it? Do you love it or hate it?
Peace out, Sarah.


  1. Is this really the REAL poster? Or fan made. I really don't care for it much.

  2. hey, that's not too bad... But I'm not a big poster person :\

  3. Jake looks so hot with the short hair. I can't wait for the movie. There should be one with no Edward in it next.

  4. I like Jacobs shorter hair in this-I was starting to really despise that wig lol :-D

  5. I think it fits. I like it. :)


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