Friday, May 29, 2009

Not fangirling... It is for a contest.

So, I was watching the 15 second preview on Carol's blog. I am thinking that the first shot was of first beach. Um, I have been there about 10+ times, since I have family up there, and it looked nothing like first beach or even Second Beach. (Such original names.) Fist off Washington Ocean water is grey and if your lucky a greyish green. It isn't close to blue.

Time for random Captions.
Bella: Edward, I'll save you...
Edward: Oh Sh*t. Um you can slow down now. You have that whole tripping thing.
Bella: I am coming *trips*
Edward: Um, are you okay?

Bella: That is for not catch me.
Edward: There was kind of sun over there. I kind of sparkle there.
Bella: Oh Edward, I am sorry for getting mad at you. *swoons*
Edward: *dazzles* Just so you know, next time I'll push you back

I kind of loves these things. So contest time with this. You can pick either picture and make caption conversation like this(Please say picture 1 or 2. So I am not confused.). Or you can use a different picture(book related) and caption it and send it to me at Sarahbear119(at) and label it contest. The winner gets an arc of The Sliver Phoenix by Cindy Pon, which I need to review, but I loved it. Anyways Good luck. You have till June 28th.
Peace out, Sarah.


  1. Edward: *Rips shirt off*
    Bella: Oh Edward, put your shirt back on, all those dazzling sparkles made me trip! You know how clumsy I am!

    (Pic 2)

    That's about as good as I get right now, ha I'm tired! :P

  2. Um... I love contests, but I like Twilight more, sorry.

    About a week ago, I was walking on the curb past the church next to my house and I caught my toe in my pants and tripped, and was saved from scraped palms and knees only by grass and long sleeves. I also almost yanked out my earrings because I was wearing headphones at the time.

    This was in front of ten or fifteen people, mind you.

    Couple days later I drop a (plastic) juice bottle on my foot and it's still bruised.

    I've cut my hand badly enough to bleed reaching for a spatula. I have an about half inch raised circular scar on my knee from a potato chip. Seriously. I have a scar on my other knee shaped like the superman emblem from scraping it so badly. Once, I stepped onto this deck thing with two other people and fell through it.

    So I relate to the clumsy thing and don't really find it funny when people make fun of it.

    Oh, and about the water thingie... A. That's probably Vancouver where a good part of the movie was shot. B. If it's not, it's A MOVIE. About vampires and werewolves. It's not a big deal if they wanted it to look pretty. Plus those are probably very early shots and if New Moon's like Twilight, they'll alter it in post-production (or whatever the word is) and make it darker and greyer, so it'd need to be brighter to keep some colour.

    Sorry, done ranting. The clumsy thing sorta set me off...


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