Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Kid Table by Andrea Seigel

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Ingrid Bell and her five teenage cousins are such a close-knit group that they don't really mind sitting at the kid table—even if they have to share it with a four-year-old. But then Brianne, the oldest cousin, lands a seat at the adult table and leaves her cousins shocked and confused. What does it take to graduate from the kid table?
Over the course of five family events, Ingrid chronicles the coming-of-age of her generation. Her cousins each grapple with growing pains, but it is Ingrid who truly struggles as she considers what it means to grow up. When first love comes in the form of first betrayal (he's Brianne's boyfriend), Ingrid is forced to question her own personality and how she fits into her family. The cousins each take their own path toward graduating into adulthood—only to realize that maybe the kid table was where they wanted to be all along.
Almost a reverse coming-of-age, this touching and hilariously funny novel will appeal to any reader who has sat at the kid table . . . or is still sitting there!
This book was really crazy, because it focused on one really large family that has a lot of different personalities, but after awhile I found it to be a very funny book. Ingrid's voice was very distinct, and one thing that I liked about her. I didn't like that she didn't have any plans after high school. I also like Dom, who was gay and wasn't sure excaltly how to tell people. Micah was also a very funny character. Brianne was really funny, when she tried to analysis people. Crickett's eating disorder was a bit random. Autumn and Katie reminded me of part of me. I remember sitting at the kid's table a lot when I was younger and it was fun. I can't imagine there still being a kid's table pass age 13, but I think that is part of what made this plot so funny at times. Sometimes, I got lost on what was happening in the book and had to reread the parts or look at the family tree. Overall, this was a cute and fun read that kept me entertained with all of the different characters.

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