Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Teaser Tuesday (2)

Here is a Teaser Tuesday from my new project. Enjoy...
Sebastian has gorgeous pale skin and these emerald eyes that seem to haunt you like they hold some sort of mystery. He also has fantastic ginger hair that is a whole spectrum of red and is curling at the end. I want to run my hands through his hair. “Hey everyone!” No one answers back and I would feel out of place, if I was the only one that answered. I decide on a small wave at him.
Sebastian sits across from me. I want to stare at him, but being caught staring at someone is the most uncomfortable thing possible. Madison, Jason, and Ms. Gallagher appear to be ignoring us. Sebastian grabs his plate and motions to the beautiful lake, that the house sits above. I clutch mine as I follow him out to the dock.
Our legs are pressed together, even though the summer heat creeps into every atom of our being. I take off my flip flops and dangle my leg into the water, including part of my jeans. Sebastian follows suit and our legs seem to fall into an odd pattern.
“So, where are you from?” I ask.
He stops gorging himself on the sandwich enough to say, “Texas.”
“Nice.” I nod, as another awkward silence rises till I feel a push from behind. In less then the blink of the eye, I am in Lake Bridgette.
I should probably take a moment to explain that I can not swim. Water and me only deal with each other for the twenty minute showers that I endure for the sake of good hygiene and when ever I am about to die from thirst. On a hot day, I may dangle my legs into the lake, but I don’t want to be pushed in. I am now scrambling for my feet to touch the bottom, when I feel arms around me, lifting me out of the water and lowering me on to the dock. Then I feel lips on top of mine. I innocently slide my tongue into his mouth. I open my eyes for a second and notice that his eyes are close. I kiss him a little more deeply.

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