Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Teaser Tuesday

I am going to the doctors again. So enjoy another Teaser Tuesday...

"Is there any pain anywhere?" She questions as she helps me to the bed.
I don't want that IV back in my arm. I shake my head. She put a machine by the back of my head and says, "Perfect blood pressure 120/80 and your temperature is 98.6 degrees. It seems like everything is going fine. I guess I'll have the neurologist come and talk to you."
I lay on my bed and try to remember who I really am and where the heck I am. I mean it is definitely a hospital and I guess I was injured for some reason. My head seems to ache the most out of my whole body, so it has to something to do with that. I can't remember who I am at all. It seems like my soul and memories were wiped away like it was a hard drive. I am angry at myself for not knowing my name, parents, or even my birthday. It feels like I have lost something that I don't know.
A old lady enters the room. She has dark brown hair that is intermixed with grey streaks and her sliver eyes flash in the sunlight as she examines me. She is wearing a red suit and is carrying a large notebook in her hand. She is scribbling notes at the speed of light, like the blond of my hair is telling her some super secret. "Hello, I am Doctor Faith. I am guessing that you have lost a lot of your memory. I mean your Link was damaged when you got in that car crash."

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