Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Teaser Tuesday

I haven't posted a Teaser Tuesday in a while.
So here is some of my current WIP. It is called The Link and it is about a futuristic society, where everyone has a Link. The population was developing Alzheimer's Disease at a 97% rate by age 40 and The Link was invented. It is connected to the cerebrum part of the brain and holds people's memories. You can also pay to get languages and such added to the Link and you will know them. You can also get parts of your memory earsed... which is just what the government is doing. Maybe that is why Audrey can't remeber anything of her past, but can write computer code like she was born for it...
Here is the excerpt, tell me if you love it or not:
I open my eyes to a room that is so full of light. It feels like the sun is right outside of my window and it radiating on to my pale skin. My arm is sore as I turn my attention towards it. A huge needle is stuck into my arm pumping in a cocktail of drugs. Under some instict, I pull out the needle of my arm and stand up. My legs quiver under the weight of my malnourished body. The pain spreads down my expendages and tingles all over me. I grab the wires that are under my thin gown and pull them off of me. I begin to slowly walk away from the bed and IV pole. I stumble over my own feet as the world seems to whirl around me, as if I am in a tornado. Alarms are belting out their magical chants as I move forward on a quest that I have no memory of. My hand is on the door knob as I am whacked in the face by the door. The nurse appears alarmed by my awareness of the world around me. As if I should still be in some sort of coma. "Audrey?" She ask.
I try to remember who I am and where I am, but I answer what she is obviously searching for. "Yes."


  1. That is such a fantastic idea!! Love the excerpt.

  2. That sounds AMAZING! When does it come out, or is it already out? And, another question, (sorry if this sounds stupid, I'm still new at blogging, our blog started only 3 months ago) what is the Teaser Tuesday meme about? Like, what do you post?

  3. Lydia, it kind of is still getting written. Teaser Tuesday for me, is where I post excerpt of my orignal work. Glad that you enjoyed it

  4. This sounds like an awesome book! OMG I can't wait for it ti be finished...I want so badly to read it right now!!!!


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