Saturday, May 8, 2010

Do The Write Thing for Nashville

Hey Everyone,
Tennessee Authors Victoria Schwab, Amanda Morgan, and Myra McEntire are doing an amazing thing for Nashville. They have auctions from Authors, Agents, Editors, and many other people in the book industry that will be able to help with the recovery. A lot of the major landmarks and homes are flooded. All of the money will be donated here. I have lived in Washington and my house has been flooded several times. In the winter of 2007, we received about 40 inches of rain in a forty-eight hour period. The state spend millions on reconstruction, but many of the people in Washington have flooding insurance, because it is a reality here and were able to fix there home. The roads out to my house was washed out by two major mudslides(picture below). Tennessee gets an average of 4.9 inches of rainfall in the month of May. They received over double their monthly rainfall in two days and they need help. If you are low on money and can't afford anything on the auctions, you can always donate blood to the Red Cross or money to the link above. The Auctions can be found here. I hope everyone helps Tennessee as much as possible, because it is full of history and fellow Americans.
Take Care, Sarah.

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