Monday, May 31, 2010

Book Expo America(Wednesday to Friday)

When you go to BEA, you get up early. I mean like so early that you want a few jugs of coffee to wake you up. On Wednesday, we ended up to have to change rooms, because of problems in the hotel. Lets just say that we were not happy. We ended up going the wrong way and got lost on our way to BEA too. So, we got there at like 8 AM and all we have ate is granola bars. We went to Little Brown booth and let me say that people at BEA are fierce, they would knock down there grandma for a book. I ended up getting lost from my mom, but I found a lot of books and Robyn Schneider, who is totally sweet and I went to a few lines with her, until Khy found us. We went to the Paranormal Panel, with the amazing Holly Black, Ivy Devlin, Andrea Creamer, and Richelle Mead. All of them were super sweet and I loved the panel. I also got to meet Heidi, Andrea, and a few other authors.
Here is a picture of a few of us after the Panel. It was amazing!

After the Panel, Khy was wondering where I got half of my books. So, we went to a few booths and got more books. On our way to lunch, we ran into a group of tenners that were nice enough to have a photo with us.
I also got to meet Anna Jarzab, who is amazing. We then had lunch with Chelsea, Lauren, and Alicia. It was great to sit down and recharge for a bit. During lunch, I ran to get The Mockingbirds by Daisy Whitney. We then went to Lauren Oliver, Holly Black, Justine Larbalestier, Jenny Davidson, and Diana Peterfreund's signings. I got some books that I am really excited for. Then we went to the Signing at BEA. Like if I didn't go, I would have cried. Kody Keplinger!
In the line, I met Jen Hayley of the YA Rebels! She is just as sweet as she is in her vlogs.
Here is Kody being all authorly! She was so awesome.
Here is a picture of Kody and I. We stopped at a few signings on the way out, but overall it was an amazing day. We got back to our hotel around 6 and left for the Book of Wonder's signing. I met Melissa Walker and saw Stephanie Kuehnert again. Linda Gibert, Adele Griffin, Lisa Brown, and Cory Doctrow. Khy, her mom, my mom, and I went out to the Tick Tock Diner, which was a cute restaurant.
The next day, we had a mission. Get Clockwork Angel. Seriously, I love her books and just needed it. My mom ran and got it for me. I went around to a few booths and got some different books from yesterday. I went to the blogger meet up for Sourcebook. Then I headed to the Bloomsbury booth. We went to the Simone Elkeles Panel and then I went to Adam Rex's signing, because it is called Fat Vampire. That is such a win title.
We then went to Chelsea Campbell's signing, which was epic. I love Chelsea! I went to the Press room for a bit, because I felt a bit sick. Alicia and I spilt our lunch and we ate with Amy Brescount White and Jackie Dolamore, who is really awesome.
We then went to the Tim Gunn signing, which was such a long wait.
But I totally felt that it was worth it. I went to Erin Bow's signing and then wanted to fall asleep on the floor. I went back on our shuttle and watched a program on the plague. Then we met Sarah Ockler in the lobby. We went to this amazing place called Chit n Chat. The food was amazing.
We talked about lots of books, movies, and just plain life. It was so hard saying goodbye to Khy, after spending three days hanging out with her.
We went to Time Square, and I got a few gifts for my family and friends.

Mitali, Emilee, Chelsea, Alicia stopped by my room and we did a round robin about books for these gift bags that I made, but forgot to give to a lot of people. We also said good bye to Susan and James.
I left at the noon the next day and I already miss them. It was an amazing trip. I want to go next year. Also thank you to my mommy for taking me. You are a super mom. My loot will be up sometime in the next week.


  1. I was so happy to meet you! I loved my little gift from you although Addie stole my sucker!

  2. Wow-BEA looks amazing! It's too bad I live in the UK but I'll try and persuade my mum to take me next year (I wish). Do you have to pay for the books or can you just pick them up? Anyway, hope you had fun! :)

  3. Aw, nice pictures. I wish I was there longer...maybe next time. I definitely want to go again. :) It was great to meet you and Khy!


  4. I'm so bummed I missed you and Khy, Sweets! But at least we'll always have Seattle!



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