Sunday, May 30, 2010

Book Expo America(Monday to Tuesday)

On Monday, I had to get up at the ridicolous time of 4AM. We caught our plane and it ran smoothly. Then we had some drama with the shuttle. It turned out that the page I printed out was wrong, when it looked like it was. It then took us three hours to get into New York. Then I had dinner with a ton of bloggers. It was great meeting tons of people. Here is a picture of Pam and I. The next day, I woke up early to meet Khy and Erica to go to Columbia. We had a great time...
Here is a picture of the campus.
Here is a picture of us on the steps of Columbia.
Then we took the subway to get our badges for BEA. We met Stephanie Kuhnert on the way and she was so awesome. The convention center was so awesome. I met Emma, Korianne, Devyn, and Genieve. Khy and Erica left to go to Tea. I got to meet Emilee, Mitali, Chelsea, and Alicia. Then we went back to the hotel and picked up lunch on the way back. We also got lost in Time Square. My mom and I met Khy and her mom at The Strand. We all went to Dinner. My mom and I went back to the hotel. Then I met Mitali, Alicia, and Chelsea. We watched Glee Party. Asian Vampire! Then I went to bed. Tomorrow, Wednesday and Thursday's recap will be posted.
Emma and I
Geneieve and I
Devyn and I

Korianne and I


  1. It looks like you had a fantastic time! I didn't even think of visiting Columbia while I was there! Must add it to the list for next year!

  2. Happy to see you had a great time at BEA :)

  3. It was awesome meeting you at BEA! Hope to see you again next year. :)


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