Thursday, May 6, 2010


So, I am going to BEA and would love to hang out with other bloggers.
I have seen this on a few blogs and decided to borrow it.
If you are going to BEA and want to meet up. Fill out the form below.


  1. You're so lucky...... I wish i were going! Alas, NYC is a thousand miles away from DR and i'll be smack in the middle of my college cycle! Grab a Beautiful Darkness ARC for me, will ya ;)?

  2. I won't be there, but my publisher and books will. I really wanted to go - hum, maybe you can be my tourguide. Airfare to get there is cheaper than taking the train for me. Have fun.

  3. I want to go!
    Unfortunately for me, I live in the End of the World. Literally.
    Have fun!

  4. I would love to meet you there, alas I am not going. Have fun!!


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