Monday, April 12, 2010

Ginger High by Melissa Burmester

Characters: 4/20
Plot: 5/20
Originality: 10/20
Writing: 1/20
Recommendation: 1/20
Overall: 21/100 or F
Source: Author
Ginger High is no ordinary school. It is a school for students with special "powers." Many years ago people came to earth from the Kingdom of Animist, a parallel universe. Two long time friends, Matthias and Amanta, attended the school and then returned home to Animist. The school has many unexplained deaths. Daisy Fisher attends the school after her old school burns down. Matthias and Amanta are called back to the school to help solve the mysteries. What are powers? And what is with this crazy school?
For most of this book, I had to reread passages several times and I still didn't have a clue. There were so many characters that I kept on getting confused on who was who and what exactly there purpose was in the book. Most characters were described by only there name and gender. Many of the character's little personalities changed randomly through out the book. I had no clue what was happening in the plot. I knew that there were murders and something to do with a high school. To me, it felt like it was just a ton of random events in one book. I did find the fantasy elements to be interesting, but the world wasn't described at all. I know that this book is written by the author when she was twelve-years-old. I don't think that she had much experience with writing. I think that this book needed a lot of work before it should have been published. There was a lack of plot and strong characters. This book needed a lot more development, too. I obviously don't recommend this book to anyone.

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  1. Haha, what on earth are you talking about? We all know this is the best book on the face of the planet! ;)


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