Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Guardian of the Dead by Karen Healey

Characters: 19/20
Plot: 18/20
Originality: 18/20
Writing: 18/20
Recommendation: 18/20
Overall: 91/100 or A
Source: Publisher
Ellie Spencer is an ordinary girl at her boarding school in New Zealand. Her parents are on their world tour, since her mother beat cancer against all odd. She hangs out with her best friend Kevin and helps with a play. That is until she gets opened to all sorts of magic by her crush Mark's charm bracelet. Mark is not any normal person, he isn't quite human. There are also random murders in the north island and their is this mysterious girl that wants something from Kevin.
The character were also awesome. Ellie thought that she was an ordinary girl, when she was really a powerful person. I liked that she though that she wasn't anyone important, when she really was powerful person. Yay for Girl Power! Also, she had an awesome voice. Kevin was also awesome. He was unlike an character in YA and if you read it, you'll know why. He was also very cool. Mark was fantastic. Seriously I love him. He was very mysterious. This book is an amazing page turner. I couldn't put it down as I was immersed into the magical world of Maori mythology. I loved how this book slowly unraveled an amazing world that surrounded them. I rarely see books that are set in New Zealand, which is a surprise since it is such a lovely place. Guardian of the Dead was very unique. Healey was an awesome writer and I can't wait to read more from her. She made such an amazing debut in Guardian of the Dead and I highly recommend this book. It had such a fantastic twist of mythology and the modern world, which you rarely see.


  1. This looks and sounds amazing. Great review btw :D

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  3. This looks so wonderful! I can't wait to read it


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