Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Clearing by Heather Davis

Characters: 18/20
Plot: 19/20
Originality: 18/20
Writing: 18/20
Recommendation: 20/20
Overall: 93/100 or A
Source: Author
Amy is a recovering from an abusive relationship. She moves in with her Aunt Mae. Now she is near the Cascade Mountains, where she can escape from her past in Seattle. There is a strange clearing in the back of her aunt's property. It is covered with thick mist and it seems that the clearing doesn't want anyone entering it. She understands when she makes an amazing discovery. Henry is a boy from 1944 and he is trapped in an endless summer. Amy finds a refuge with Henry and his world and she begins to learn that some moments are worth savoring. But when the past and present come crashing together, both of them must find the courage to face what is meant to be, even if it means losing each other forever.
I enjoyed this book so much. Davis wrote The Clearing as a book that switched point of views. Amy was an amazing character. She had a hard past with an abusive boyfriend that was a total jerk and at her old school has horrible friends that ended up to be untrustworthy. Then she meets Henry, who is a complete sweetheart. Their relationship seemed to be realistic. I loved how they started out as friends and became something more and it seemed so honest and true. The plot was basically Amy and Henry's life, even though that may seem boring. It was actually was really interesting and fun. I found the loves from other decades idea to be fun and really original. Davis is an amazing writer that created a great book that I loved. I highly recommend this book, it was so fun to read and easy to connect with.


  1. Sounds awesome, I cant wait to read this one, great review.

  2. I really, really want to read that book! It looks so good :D

  3. Sounds really nice..have to check this out!


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