Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Author Appreciation: Steph Bowe

There are many authors that I have a love for and appreciate all of the amazing things that they do. One of these authors is Steph Bowe.
Steph Bowe is a fellow blogger and has amazing interviews that I love. She is so original. I can't wait for her book to come from Egmont next summer. She is also so supportive when it comes to writing and is always commenting when I post my word count on twitter. Plus she is aussie, which makes her awesome.
I will also include a few tweets to show her awesomeness:
My new book, based off your suggestions: A cute nerdy vampire boy going to a private school and being an art student. WIN! -Steph Bowe
I am really enjoying studying Accounting and I'm thinking of giving up writing and becoming an accountant instead. Because everyone wants to be a writer. I need to rebel. -Steph Bowe
I don't know how people write long books. I write short ones. Short little pretty books about good kids who don't go out at night. -Steph Bowe
Top 1 Habits of Amazing Writers: 1. They write. -Steph Bowe

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