Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Trailer Tuesday (3)

I love Doctor Who. I can't wait till Season 5, which starts in March! Matt Smith seems like an interesting Doctor. I have a movie with Billie Piper and him from Netflix. I am interested to see how he acts. Karen Gillian also looks like an amazing companian. I love her facial expressions and she is ginger. So she shall be kick butt. Also, the Doctor is carrying a gun, so I am not sure how I feel about this. Plus the Weeping Angels and Daleks are back. I love the Weeping Angels. I would not want to meet them in a back alley, but they make a good episode. What do you guys think of the trailer? I am really excited for it, but I will miss David Tennant.


  1. Yay Blink was one of my favorite episodes so I'm very happy about the angels. omg that picture is so scary! *hides*

    I'm going to miss David but Daleks and Angels will probably be enough to keep me happy.

  2. Dr. Who does rock...will miss David as well and even my husband will admit he'll miss the guy! It'll be interesting for season 5.


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