Saturday, September 5, 2009

Interview with Kaleb Nation

Kaleb Nation hosted his first radio show at age thirteen. At fourteen, he had a sudden idea for Bran Hambic, which took most of his teenage years to write. He also start, which has had over three thousand year. You can also visit his blog at

1. Bran Hambric doesn't remember his parents. How did you capture those intense emotions of not knowing where you came from?
I think that everyone can relate to feelings of being lost and confused, especially as a teenager. While I never was specifically in Bran's position, I think that the emotions are there growing up, wondering who you are and who you will become and where you're meant to be. Bran simply has a more literal journey of finding out who he is as a person, just like every teenager eventually has to discover who he or she is.

2. You made a soundtrack for Bran Hambric. Where did you get this idea? Also, were you inspired by anyone musically?
When I made the soundtrack, I never really intended to do a full album of songs. It was just something that I had fun doing, and suddenly after a few months I had all this music completed! I would imagine certain parts of the book, and slowly form a song around that until it was complete. I would also say that my musical style is mostly inspired by Thomas Newman and Danny Elfman, two of my favorite modern composers.

3. What was your favorite and least favorite thing of writing?
My favorite part is discovering a new idea that turns everything around. I was stuck in an airport last week when I had a sudden idea for something new in the Bran Hambric sequel that was so powerful, I had to write it down then, and spent the whole flight writing. My least favorite part is all the waiting for things to be edited and finished and published -- but all the waiting is worth it in the end!

4. How many books are planned in the Bram Hamric series?
I have six books planned, unless the sixth is too long, in which case there will be seven.

5. What about Bran Hambric do you think appeals to young adults?
I think that Bran Hambric is the traditional story of a boy who doesn't know his past, but with many new twists that haven't been seen before. Bran's mother was a criminal, so he has this predisposition to be like her, but somehow he fights it and finds a way to prevail against everything his past has led him to be.

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  1. Great interview! I'm totally going to be checking out Twilight Guy, he seems to have the same view on the series as me and I'd like to read his thoughts. I love book soundtracks too. Dahlia has roped me into composing one for each of the books she's working on. It's a lot of work, but alos a lot of fun. :D


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