Friday, September 18, 2009

Blogs that I love...

So, as a part of Book Blogger Appreciation Week, I am just going to say a few blogs that I love and that you should check out...
1. Frentic Reader: Khy has funny vlogs and random cute posts. Her reviews are also amazing.
2. Reading Keeps You Sane: Kelsey is super awesome. I love her On the Outsides post.
3. Zoe's Book Reviews: Zoe is super sweet and awesome.
4. Hope's Bookshelf: Hope is so sweet. She is one of the first bloggers that I found.
5. Persnickety Snark: I love Adele's blog. She keeps me updated on all the Aussie books that I will want in the future.
6. Ten Cent Dance: Jordyn is awesome. I love how she does her reviews.
7. Korianne Speaks: I love Korianne. She need to blog more thought.
8. Courtney Summers: I love Courtney's blog. She is amazing.
9. The Road to Publication: Kimberly is super sweet. I love her blog. Both related to books and not.
10. Maureen Johnson: Maureen's blog is one of the funniest. You just have to check it out to understand.


  1. YAY! I am super lad to be named next to all these mucho fabulous blogs. :D LOVE YOU AND YOUR BLOG TOO, SARAH. :D

  2. Aww, I love you too!!! Thanks for the shout out! :-)

  3. Thanks so much Sarah!!! I LOVE your blog! <3


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