Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Sprout by Dale Peck

Characters: 19/20
Plot: 13/20
Originality: 17/20
Writing: 17/20
Recommendation: 15/20
Overall: 81/100 or B
How many secrets can you hide in plain sight?
Sprout Bradford has a secret. It’s not what you think—he’ll tell you he’s gay. He’ll tell you about his dad’s drinking and his mother’s death. The green fingerprints everywhere tell you when he last dyed his hair. But neither the reader nor Sprout are prepared for what happens when Sprout suddenly finds he’s had a more profound effect on the lives around him than he ever thought possible. Sprout is both hilarious and gripping; a story of one boy at odds with the expected.
Sprout was funny and entertaining. His insights reminded me a lot of Jessica Darling. He was an amazing character. I loved how he randomly spilled secrets. Sadly there wasn't a lot of plot in Sprout. All of the subplots are happening in the past. The only plot is the relationship between Ty and Sprout, which was kind of weak. Dale Peck was an amazing writer. He was very descriptive and interesting. Sprout was original and a funny read with strong characters.

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