Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Waiting on Wednesday (Week Two)

Title: The Stolen One
Author: Suzanne Crowley
Release Date: July 6th, 2009
Publisher: HarperTeen
When her adoptive mother dies, Katherine Bab takes the chance she has been waiting for her whole life: she moves from her country village to London, to uncover the secret of who she really is. Before long, Kat has become a favorite of Queen Elizabeth herself, and rumors are swirling - could fiery-haired Kat be the secret daughter of the Virgin Queen? Kat's got plenty of other things to figure out, as well . . . such as how to choose between her childhood love and two handsome men at court vying for her affection. This smart, sensual novel drips with intrigue, period detail, and drama and will resonate with anyone who has ever longed to find his or her place in the world.
Reasons why I want this:
1. Pretty Cover.
2. The Plot sounds awesome.
3. I love Historical Fiction.
The great thing is that Stephanie is letting me borrow this. So, I can't wait to have time to read this.
Peace out, Sarah


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