Friday, April 10, 2009

Happy Birthdays and Good News

First off, Happy Birthday to Laura! Woot!
Also Happy Late Birthday to Sierra, but I texted you it already. Laura, Hope you have a Good Friday and that the Hannah Montana Movie doesn't suck as much as it look like it will.
Sierra, lets hang out soon. I have bakes Rice Krispies treats and I am about to make a cake for Easter. So Come get those before my siblings eat them all.
Second thing, my b-cells are back to normal, which is really really really good news. For the biology intolerant, it is an immune system cell that you need. So, I might go to infusion every other month in the summer depending on how I feel. I would take a picture of the letter, but then you would have all my personal details and that is Stranger Danger.
Also Bloggers/authors, leave your birthday in the comments, so I can post about it and not feel like a fool.
Take Care, Sarah.


  1. Yay! Great news about your b-cells Sarah!! Hope you celebrate with lots of chocolate this weekend!

    And don't worry, you didn't miss my birthday (it's in November).


  2. My birthday is June 29! And I'm glad you're feeling better. You rock!

  3. Wonderful news about your b-cells, Sarah!! So, so glad to hear that. :-)

    And YUM on Rice Krispie treats. So fun!


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