Friday, April 17, 2009

BEDA... Day 17.

So, I am running out of ideas on what to post about... so this will be just random rambling.
First off, Happy Birthday to Kristi of The Story Siren fame and also to my IRL friend Rebecca! Have a fun day.
Second off, New Harry Potter Trailer is pimp. Spoil alert to those that haven't seen it. I love Ginny and Harry in the trailer cute... and I really am excited for it. It got moved up two days on the release, yay!
Third, I saw Rachel Getting Married and Seven Pounds. Rachel getting Married wasn't as good as I though it would be, but Anne Hathaway was awesome in it. Seven Pounds was really good. Will Smith was awesome. My mom also bought Marley and Me, I am excited to watch it. It looks so cute.
Fourth, Happy Day of Silence, watch this Video.
I hope everyone has had a great week.
Take Care Sarah.


  1. Wow- Day 17! You are keeping up the BEDA!

  2. Good luck on the read-a-thon tomorrow. I'll be cheering you on.

  3. Oh! Tell me what you think of Marley and Me when you watch it. I just watched it last week, but I won't spoil anything.


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