Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Say The Word by Jeannie Garsee

Characters: 18/20
Setting: 9/10
Plot: 19/20
Originality: 20/20
Writing: 19/20
Recommendation: 10/10
Overall: 95/100 or A
Shawna Gallagher has the perfect life, well she tries to anyways. Then she gets a call from Fran. The women that her mother left her for, ten years ago. It turns out that Shawna's mom has had a stroke and is dying. She takes the first possible flight from Cleveland to New York to see the women that abandoned her, when she was seven.
By the others choices and the past, Shawna has to find the difference between being perfect and making the overall right choice.
I really liked Garsee's first novel, Before, After and Somebody in Between. So when I heard about Say the Word coming out, I had to read it. I loved Shawna, she was so real and had so much to deal with. I liked her relationship with LeeLee and how when they fought. Also how realistically, they became friends again. I also loved that Say the Word was more about family and friendship, then love. Dr. Gallagher also became one of my least favorite characters ever, and I felt sorry for Shawna having to deal with him. I highly suggest this book, Garsee is definitely an author to watch.
Peace out, Sarah.


  1. YEAH!!!! I'm soooooo glad you loved this book! and you're in on the blog tour!

    Wasn't it just brilliant?!?!?

  2. Thank you for the review, Sarah!


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